Satire is Dead: Women’s March Sorry for Asking for Donations of $14.92

Matt Philbin | November 24, 2021
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There really isn’t much to say about this, except to remind you that the Women’s March are the dingbats with the pink lady-part hats who tied up traffic in DC a few years ago. A couple of years later, three Jew-hating board members were embarrassed into resigning. 

But apparently, they’re still around raising money. But, given their audience, they’re really not going about it in the best way. The group posted the following tweet yesterday:

So there are people out there that are triggered by sums that are the same as years that they believe were bad … (Like asking a Saxon for $10.66)? And there are people so craven that they would issue a groveling apology to the unhappy numerology nuts? 

It bears repeating: we live in very stupid times.