Sarah Silverman Depicts Jesus as Pro-Choice Liberal Who Loves Health Care, NFL Kneelers

Mark Judge | December 13, 2017
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In a new clip from comedian Sarah Silverman’s Hulu show “I Love You, America,” Jesus Christ is portrayed as a liberal who defends abortion, celebrates NFL protesters and criticizes America for not having universal health care.

In the skit Jesus, played by Fred Armisen, encounters Silverman in a deli where they are ordering lunch.

“I’m sorry for people who use your name to do really un-Jesus-y things,” Silverman says. From there she asks him some questions on current social issues. Jesus on healthcare: “If someone’s sick, you take care of them. Oh, right, but this is the country where if you’re poor, you die if you’re sick. What a great way to treat someone… not!” 

Jesus on NFL players kneeling in protest: “It’s a beautiful way to get your voice heard.”

On abortion: “I’m against it, but that’s just me. I’m also against the squashing of the tiniest bug, so whether or not you squash a bug or kill an animal or have an abortion, that’s up to the individual. But I could never harm one of daddy’s creations.”

Jesus - no different from your typical Berkeley social justice sophomore.

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