Sanders Campaign Slapped with Federal Labor Complaint – After Granting Staffers’ Demands for $15 Min. Wage

Monica Sanchez | July 24, 2019
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After 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders caved to demands from his unionized staffers to raise their salaries to $15 per hour, his campaign was slapped with a federal labor complaint.

The Washington Examiner reports,

The complaint posted Monday on the National Labor Relations Board's website and noted by Bloomberg Law alleges several potential violations, including concerted activities (retaliation, discharge, discipline) discharge, illegal interrogation, repudiation and modification of contract.

A full text of the labor complaint has not been released yet, and it was filed by an anonymous individual from Iowa. The NLRB allows individuals who are not on the campaign staff to file a labor law violations complaint.

The complaint follows Sanders’ decision to comply with his unionized staffers’ demands, despite how the workers, salary-wise, already were making around $15/hr., but they claim that because they work extra hours — as much 60 total hours a week — what would be their hourly wage drops to $13/hr,” as MRCTV reported.

Sanders in an interview with CNN addressed the agreement, going a step further to say his staffers actually are making $17 an hour and claimed that he had already made such an offer to the union “several months ago.”

He endorses such efforts. It only makes sense that it would turn around and bite him, eventually. 

Give an inch… You know the saying.

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