Sanctuary State: California Spends $23 Billion on Illegal Aliens a Year

ola olugbemi | December 1, 2017
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The setting is San Francisco, California.

Kate Steinle, an American citizen, is dead, and the illegal immigrant who killed her was acquitted of the charge yesterday, even after he admitted to doing it.

Many Americans are blaming California for creating the environment in which Steinle’s killer could thrive. Rightly so, considering the Golden State spends $23 billion on illegal immigration per year -- twice as much as the next closest state, and half the amount of the entire federal government, according to the Washington Examiner. All this, while still receiving about $368 billion from the federal government every single year.

In fact, of the combined $89 billion that America's state governments spent on illegal aliens per year, California makes up nearly a third all by itself.

The Examiner also linked to a the website’s data breakdown of the states that pay the most to care for illegals. California pays substantially more than Texas and New York combined.

Twitter users are responding accordingly:

(Cover Photo: Jonathan McIntosh)

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