San Francisco Resident Flies Nazi Flag As ‘Satire’ On Trump’s Election

ashley.rae | November 10, 2016
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(Image source: Twitter)

One San Francisco resident was so upset about Donald Trump’s election that he made himself look like a Nazi as a form of “satire.”

KPIX 5 reports Frederick Roeber hoisted a Nazi flag over his two-story mansion to protest the election of Trump as president of the United States.

Roeber told the San Francisco Chronicle, “I am hoping people get that this is a political statement, and that I’m not a Nazi supporter.”

“I’m a little afraid that neighbors will get the wrong idea,” he added.

However, considering the only thing Roeber’s neighbors could see was the Nazi flag flying above his home, they were not happy.

A video captured by San Francisco Chronicle shows a neighbor, Francine Miller, confronting Roeber about the flag.

“It was a comment on our new president-elect,” Roeber said. “I think I actually compared him to El Duche, but the Italians did not have as good a flag.”

“Okay, that’s okay, but I do think that that actually gives--I can see where you’re coming from, but that actually is the really wrong impression because it makes it seem like you’re supportive of Nazis,” Miller said.

Miller continued, saying, “And as your neighbor, I don’t think it’s funny. So if you want to make a statement that with what you said prior, that’s really different. But that’s really not a cool thing to do. I don’t get it,” the neighbor said.

After the argument, Roeber said, “Okay, I’ll take it down.”

Miller told KPIX 5, “I had a very visceral reaction. I went across the street as soon as I saw it. I think that there is just general unease right now, with Trump being the president elect. And I think if you woke up this morning and you’re a woman, you’re a Jewish person, you’re gay, you’re a Latino."

KCBS News reporter Jenna Lane reports Roeber replaced the Nazi flag with a gay pride flag.

KTVU says Roeber posted an apology on his front door, reading in part:

I am not a Nazi, nor a Nazi sympathizer. I now understand that many people were shocked and hurt by my political statement, and I truly apologize for the distress I caused.

When the shocking results of the election were announced, I flew that flag to make the statement that I compared our populist, nationalistic, xenophobic, racist president-elect to similar historic figures. I thought that in the context of San Francisco, the day after the election, people would get the satire. When I found that it was spreading widely and that people were getting the wrong message, I took it down.

I only had the flag because I came across it online, and thought it would be a pointed comment about Trump. I collect flags, and fly different ones for all kinds of events.

Again, I apologize for the distress I caused.



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