San Francisco Has Assembled a ‘Poop Patrol' to Deal With Their Feces Problem

Caleb Tolin | August 15, 2018

San Francisco is in some deep you-know-what. 

Their problem with homeless people relieving their bowels in the streets has gotten so mind bogglingly bad, the city's actually had to assemble a “poop patrol” in order to start combating their feces epidemic.

As MRCTV previously reported, certain parts of San Francisco are covered in biological human waste, trash, and used needles. An investigative survey conducted by NBC’s Bay Area branch found trash on all 153 blocks surveyed, feces on 96 blocks, and used needles on 41 blocks.

Now, San Francisco Mayor London Breed has decided to assemble the “poop patrol,” a group that aims “to spot and clean piles of feces before anybody complains about them,” according to local reports.

“We’re actually out there looking for it,” said Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru. He stated that his team is really focused on fixing the problem and being “productive,” which they will have to be in order to deal with the 14,597 reports of feces found in public spaces between Jan. 1 and this past Monday.

Mayor Breed is really sick of how dirty the city is as well.

"I've had to deal with it myself in front of my home and it's not a pleasant feeling. I want to change San Francisco for the better. I want to clean up the city," she told ABC 30.

The poop patrol is allegedly going to have staff of six staffers and two trucks totaling to about $750,000 in cost to the city. Additionally, they’re allotting $1.05 million to construct five public restrooms and expanding the operating hours at five existing locations which they call Pit Stops.

This is the city’s first step to prevent homeless people from relieving themselves in the streets. Prior to this plan, individuals would report complaints and the city would send someone to clean up the waste and pressure wash the area.