San Fran Mayor Blames TRUMP For Pelosi Breaking COVID Lockdown!

P. Gardner Goldsmith | September 4, 2020

Arthur Conan Doyle wrote the Holmes classic “A Study in Scarlet” and thrilled generations with the ingenious didactics of the British sleuth. But today, it doesn’t take a Holmesian detective to be entertained by a new narrative that could be called, “A Study in Hypocrisy”, starring House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D, CA) and London Breed - the hardcore collectivist mayor of Pelosi’s home city of San Francisco.

First Pelosi got caught on video August 31 inside a San Fran hair solon, breaking the unconstitutional COVID lockdown orders Breed had issued (and which have seen countless businesses – including salons -- permanently close). Then, in typical political fashion, Pelosi claimed the salon owner “set her up” to go, when, in fact, the owner had nothing to do with pulling Pelosi into the salon, and it was Pelosi or her own staff who arranged the appointment. And now, the Mayor “straightened everything out” by blaming…

Yeah, you got it…

Donald Trump.


In an online chat posted on YouTube by KTVU, Breed opened with this stunning nonsense:

Let me just start by saying, it’s really unfortunate that, with everything happening in this country, uh, with the fact that we basically have a dictator in charge of running this country and we have our Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, working day and night to try and fight against the challenges that we have with the White House? She has spent her entire career working for this city and working for this country? It’s unfortunate that, you know, this conversation has kind of blown up in the way it has, and distracted us from the real issue.

Oh, yes. There sure is a lot to unpack there.

Let’s see. First, it wasn’t Donald Trump who locked down California or San Francisco. Those were CA Governor Gavin Newsom (D) and YOU, Mayor. So, in that case, who’s being “dictatorial?”

And, Mayor, when you tell police to watch private businesses and private homes and tell them to legally go after private citizens who step out of bounds from your edicts, who is being “dictatorial?”

The only areas where Trump might be accused of being “dictatorial” are in the realm of travel/immigration shut-downs and CDC testing and pork-spending for “COVID relief” – all of which Democrats like Breed and Pelosi claimed Trump was either too slow to manage, or too fast, or operating without sufficient funds – even though the Constitution doesn’t grant the federal government the power to do any of that.

One need not agree with Donald Trump on any single policy to admit that her claim here is not only incorrect, it’s bald-facedly backwards. Why not ask Gary Buechler, the creator and engine behind and the Nerdrotic YouTube Channel? Gary and his wife just moved out of San Francisco after his wife was forced to shut down her formerly successful hair salon – a salon that was so popular, it was mentioned in national magazines. Pelosi was getting her “blow-out” the very day Gary’s wife, Melissa, was CLEARING OUT HER CLOSED SALON. And Gary notes that his wife was not alone. Salon owners all over the city have been brought to their knees by Breed’s lockdown.

"'They have lost, in some cases, over half of their clientele,' Gary notes in a video dedicated specifically to Pelosi’s towering hypocrisy.

Gary and Melissa had to pick up and move their family, including a special needs child.

“Think about the business owners… whose dream died,” he says.

Instead, Breed deflects.

“The fact is, we don’t have good, solid, federal leadership that is helping to facilitate this COVID response,” she said in her video mirage.

Would that be from the guy she said was a “dictator?”

Remember that now. Trump is a “dictator” – but just not… er… an effective one.

Meanwhile, it was Pelosi who broke the rules. It was Pelosi who got special treatment. And it is Breed who deflects and excuses and claims that HER OWN LOCKDOWN is someone else’s fault.

That would be a lockdown for a virus the fatality rate of which is about the same as the seasonal flu, which means that she has opened the door to issuing similar lockdown dictates anytime she damn well pleases.

Dictates are given by… dictators, Ms. Breed.

Get it?