San Diego Schools Are Changing Their Grading Scale To Avoid 'Racism' - and Their New Method Is Pretty Racist

Brittany M. Hughes | October 26, 2020
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San Diego schools are now changing the way they give out grades to “combat racism” – and their new method seems…well, pretty freaking racist.

In a decision announced earlier this month, California's second-largest school system, which boasts about 106,000 students, has decided to revamp the way they hand out academic grades to their students after they realized that more black and Hispanic students were being given failing grades than white kids – a phenomenon which, of course, must automatically mean that the school system is racist and that white kids are being given an advantage because of the color of their skin.

Data showed that when students were graded according to a yearly average of their test scores, completed homework, and projects – you know, the basic things that have made up grades for as long as school has existed – a full 20 percent of students who’d been given failing grades at the end of the year were black. Another 23 percent were given to Hispanic students, while only 7 percent were white kids.

Thirty percent of those who’d failed were English learners, while 25 percent were students with disabilities.

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But rather than trying to get to the crux of why these students are having such a difficult time in school (for example, not being able to speak the language comes to mind), the school district has decided it will now change the entire way all students are graded to try to equal the playing field…or at least, to appear to.

Instead of being graded on a yearly average of their scores, all students, including those who were doing fine under the previous system, will now be subjectively graded on their “mastery of the material,” meaning that it doesn’t really matter how you start off the year so long as you show improvement. The school district says this new method will keep from penalizing those who get a “slow start” or who struggle to achieve higher points throughout the year. 

Teachers are also being banned from factoring in things like a student’s behavior or whether they turn in their work on time when it comes to averaging a student’s grade – because evidently, San Diego schools believe black and brown children are inherently more ill-behaved and are somehow incapable of completing their work on time compared to their white counterparts, and must be given leniency to make up for this otherwise insurmountable deficit. 

Which, frankly, is about as racist as it comes.

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