San Diego County Backs Trump Admin’s Legal Battle Against California’s Sanctuary Laws


San Diego County's Board of Supervisors Wednesday evening voted again in support of the Trump administration’s legal battle against California’s sanctuary laws.

The board voted back in April 2018 in support of a measure to join the Trump administration’s lawsuit against California’s so-called sanctuary state law SB 54, which prevents state and local law enforcement from cooperating with or using its resources on behalf of federal immigration enforcement authorities. A federal appeals court rejected the lawsuit but the administration has filed an appeal. 

The appeal now addresses two other laws in addition to SB 54: AB 103 which “prohibits local governments from adding new immigration detention contracts or expanding old ones with the federal government” and AB 450 which “prohibits employers from voluntarily letting immigration officials into non-public areas of the workplace unless the officers have judicial warrants,” the San Diego Union-Tribune reports.

On Wednesday, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors threw its support behind the Trump administration’s appeal:

“The county will join an amicus brief to support President Donald Trump’s lawsuit ahead of it being submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court,” writes the Union-Tribune. “A federal appeals court rejected the bulk of the administration’s lawsuit in April. This is the second time San Diego County has sided with the president instead of with the state on sanctuary laws.”

This comes as California continues to expand rights and protections to illegal immigrants, including a new law the prevents immigration enforcement agents from making civil arrests in courthouses and another law expanding free health care to illegal aliens under the age of 25.

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