San Diego to Address Homelessness Problem by Spending Even More Taxpayer Dollars

Eric Schaffer | June 24, 2019
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As San Diego remains the fourth city with the highest homelessness rate in the U.S., drastic steps are being taken to deal with the problem. 

In addition to several taxpayer-funded initiatives to address the issue, San Diego is now pursuing the construction of large tents, trailers, and other shelter facilities.

As Fox News reports, "In one of the more dramatic moves by California communities grappling with a growing homeless population, the city has pursued the construction of massive taxpayer-funded tents, trailers and other facilities to house those otherwise living on the streets and in their cars."

“We’re taking dramatic action to move homeless people off the streets and get them help,” San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer said.

While many quiver at the thought of even more taxpayer dollars being spent, especially in a regulatory state like California, Faulconer claims the shelters do indeed help reduce the homeless population, with the homeless population in San Diego having decreased by 6% over the past year, according to city officials.

Faulconer attributed the decrease in homelessness to initiatives such as bridge shelters and storage centers for homeless belongings.

The city's new $3 billion budget signed on Sunday continues to provide for such initiatives, including $10 million for a program to help clean city sidewalks. He signed off last week on a $11 million contract to fund the construction of three bridge shelters through June 2020.

While funding for the program past 2020 is in question due to concerns over reserves, one must wonder if further funding elaborate homeless shelters is actually a solution to San Diego’s fiscally burdensome problem, or if increased government involvement will only worsen the situation.

(Cover Photo: State Lands Commission)
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