Salem, Ore. Officials Send People into Panic with Cryptic Emergency Alert Message

Nick Kangadis | May 31, 2018
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First Hawaii, now Salem, Oregon.

It’s almost as if the Far-Left leaders of Western states like to scare the crap out of their citizens for really stupid reasons. Maybe someone should’ve taught these people how the system works before they actually have to use it.

Oregon’s capital city of Salem sent out an emergency alert Tuesday night to all cellphones in the area, but the alert merely told people that it was a “Civil Emergency” and to “Prepare for Action.”

I’m sorry, but if I saw that message without any explanation it would scare me into survival mode. And, that’s exactly what it did to the people in Salem. Within a half-hour, supermarket shelves were bare as people in the area stormed stores to stock up for whatever possible calamity that might’ve been imminent.

But, 31 whole minutes later, another alert was sent out with more information on the “emergency.”

According to the Associated Press (AP):

Officials wanted to warn Salem-area residents Tuesday night that elevated levels of a natural toxin caused by the algae bloom had made area tap water unsafe for children and people with compromised immune systems. But that information got cut off, and a more ominous-sounding default message went out in its place, said Andrew Phelps, head of the state emergency management agency.

The full message got "cut off?" That's the excuse they're going with? One has to wonder whether these people have ever used a computer before.

“The integrated public alert warning system inadvertently defaulted to a generic message," Phelps said. ”I apologize for the confusion and the anxiety this incomplete message has caused.”

How sorry are you? Will the state reimburse people who went out and got supplies because of the “emergency?” Of course not. It’s not their money — which ironically is the taxpayers money — so why should they care? Politicians have never been above falsely scaring the bejeezus out of people.

To be fair, Oregon has nothing on Hawaiian Governor David Ige (D). Ige had to wait nearly 40 minutes to quell the fears of the Hawaiian people, because he forgot his Twitter password.

Unacceptable and unnecessary panic from more unacceptable and unnecessary politicians.