Saints' Kamara Boasted Of Attacking Man, Sued For $10 Million 

Jay Maxson | October 18, 2022
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New details have emerged in Alvin Kamara’s alleged beating of a man in a Las Vegas hotel last winter, and they’re pretty gruesome. Darnell Greene Jr., the alleged victim of a brutal beating by Kamara, is suing the Saints’ running back for $10 million and charging the all-pro boasted about the viciousness of the attack. 

Greene was attempting to enter a hotel elevator when, he said, Kamara and other men brutally beat him down. Kamara was arrested on felony battery charges and released on bail. NBC Pro Football Talk writer Mike Florio said Kamara is “in line for a baseline suspension of six games under the Personal Conduct Policy, if he’s ultimately deemed to be guilty of assault. Given that photos and videos of the incident exist, Kamara will have a hard time avoiding civil and criminal responsibility for the situation.” 

Greene was temporarily unconscious after Kamara punched him several times. Kamara continued punching Greene while the alleged victim was unconscious on the floor of the Cromwell hotel. Friends of the football player have been accused of stomping Greene, too.  

Greene’s lawsuit also accuses Kamara of bragging to his pals that he “connected with the [EXPLETIVE]’s jaw so hard.” One of the friends said Kamara’s punches “sounded like the [EXPLETIVE] got hit with a baseball bat.” 

The plaintiff in the lawsuit says the attack was unprovoked and he’s got hotel video that will prove his charges. Greene is asking a court to award him $5 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages, for assault and battery.  

Kamara has been playing – poorly and with a rib injury – for New Orleans this season while his legal team repeatedly requests hearing delays. 

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Meanwhile, things look very badly for Kamara off the field. He acknowledged punching the alleged victim, Las Vegas police report. Greene’s attorney is also well versed in going after high-profile NFL players accused of abhorrent behavior. Tony Buzbee represented 23 of the women who accused Cleveland quarterback Deshaun Watson of sexual misconduct. 

Let’s put it this way. It’s a sure bet that Alvin Kamara will not be in the running for this year’s Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year award, given annually to the player demonstrating outstanding commitment to the community and excellence on the field.  

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