Saints’ Kamara Arrested For Battery After Delivering ‘Substantial’ Beating To Bar Patron

Jay Maxson | February 7, 2022
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What happened with New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara in Vegas this weekend is definitely not staying in Vegas. In town to play in the National Football League’s annual Pro-Bowl game, he was also arrested by Las Vegas police for his unsportsmanlike conduct in a local bar. Kamara has been charged with battery resulting in substantial bodily harm to an unidentified person.

The incident is another reminder of why many people refer to the NFL as the “National Felons League.” It also points out how hypocritical NFL SJWs are at pointing the finger at cops for excessive force.

Kamara, a five-time Pro Bowler, caught four passes for 23 yards in Sunday’s version of an NFL all-star game. He gained 1,337 yards from scrimmage and scored nine touchdowns this season. After gaining “perp walk yardage” into the Clark County Detention Center the same day, he was later released after posting $5,000 for bail. The investigation is ongoing, according to Saintswire, and Kamara will make a court appearance March 8 to answer for the serious charge against him. We don’t know yet who started the fight, but we know that No. 41, of the New Orleans Saints, ended it with excessive force.

So much for woke, out-of-control NFL players protesting so-called “police brutality.” In 2020, Kamara said he spoke with Drew Brees about how the former Saints’ quarterback had “dropped the ball” by opposing kneeling and then said, “But now it’s time for us to be part of the solution, not the problem. We have to educate to progress.” Over the weekend, this hypocrite “educated” someone with his fists straight into a hospital. Rather than solve a conflict peacefully.

Saintswire said the Kamara arrest is the latest in a string of criminal investigations of NFL players in Las Vegas. In November, the Raiders released Henry Ruggs III after he killed Tina Tintor in a high-speed crash. Ruggs was charged with two felony counts of drunk driving and two felony counts of reckless driving. Raiders’ cornerback Nate Hobbs was also arrested for drunk driving, in January.

Bad behavior by NFL players extends well beyond a couple Raiders players though. has been charting misdeeds by pro football players for 22 years, and its work is a major embarrassment to the National Football League.

Since the year 2000, an NFL player is arrested, on average, every seven days. Just over a month into 2022, six arrests have already been recorded – for DUI, domestic violence, resisting arrest, assault and batter and a gun charge. The NFL arrest rate is said to be lower than the U.S. rate overall.

The arrests of athletes are more high profile than the average citizen and deserve to be publicized more because so many athletes point the finger at police officers, charging them with using excessive force. In addition, the NFL is donating money to groups advocating for the defunding of police. No less than 33 anti-cop groups have received funding from the NFL’s Inspire Change social justice program. Inspire Change also boasts about funding bail for people who have been arrested.

Citizen victims of player crimes have every right to protest the ongoing problem of NFL brutality.