Sad State of Affairs: Virginia Beach Law Reportedly Prevented Now-Deceased Shooting Victim From Bringing Firearm to Work

Nick Kangadis | June 12, 2019
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Imagine that you have the capability and the tools to protect yourself when you feel unsafe. Now imagine that a government body requires you to keep said safety measures at home because of an agenda that they think will keep you safe. Then reality hits, and you become a victim because of those government policies.

That’s what happened to Kate Nixon. Don’t know who Kate Nixon is? Don’t worry, the national media has done a good job of dropping the story of a mass shooting once they realized it didn’t fit their narrative despite 12 people being killed, including Nixon.

According to The Virginian-Pilot (the name of the shooter will be redacted as MRCTV doesn’t practice giving people who aren’t worth it publicity):

The public utilities engineer was concerned about [the shooter] "as well as one other person," said Kevin Martingayle, an attorney working with Nixon's family. So on the night of May 30, Nixon had discussed with her husband, Jason, "whether or not she should take a pistol and hide it in her handbag," Martingayle said. She decided against it because of a city policy that prevents employees from bringing weapons to work.

The next day, [the shooter], who had worked as a city public utilities engineer for nine years, used a .45-caliber handgun with a legally purchased silencer to fire at colleagues in Building 2 of the city's Municipal Center in Princess Anne.

It’s not guaranteed that had Nixon been allowed to bring her gun to work that the outcome would’ve been any different. But, at least the people who were shot in Building 2 could’ve had a fighting chance had the local government not restricted people’s constitutional right to bear arms.

However, according to the Associated Press (AP), Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam responded to the shooting by attempting to make it even more difficult for Virginia citizens to defend themselves.

The AP reported:

Northam’s bills include a ban on silencers and high-capacity magazines, as well as a broadening of the ability of local governments to prohibit guns in city buildings. The governor said he also wants mandatory, universal background checks before gun purchases; a limit of one handgun purchase per month; and a “red flag” law that would allow authorities to seize weapons from people deemed a threat to themselves or others.

“I will be asking for votes and laws, not thoughts and prayers,” Northam said, mocking people’s support for the victims of shootings.

So Northam wants to increase the prohibition of guns in city buildings that already have prohibitions against carrying firearms in city buildings? How does that work? That's like pulling someone over who's already pulled over.

“We believe addressing gun violence starts with holding criminals accountable for their actions, not infringing on the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens,” Virginia House of Delegates Speaker Kirk Cox (R) said in response to Northam’s proposal.

Who knows? Maybe if Nixon was allowed to carry her firearm to work, she might still be alive today.

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