Sad & Petty: Activists Petition to Fly 'Baby Trump Blimp' on National Mall During Independence Day Celebrations

Nick Kangadis | June 13, 2019
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I’m not really sure why far-left protesters think they’re being clever, original, intelligent or even funny. They throw insults against their opponents, because their arguments are so weak that disparaging those they disagree with is the only argument they have left.

Far-left activists are petitioning to show their patriotism by attempting to make a mockery of President Donald Trump on July 4th, Independence Day. How do they plan do so? By wanting to fly the “baby Trump blimp” during the celebration of our nation’s birth.

According to the Washington Post:

On Monday, activist group Code Pink became the first organization to request a protest permit from the National Park Service ahead of Trump’s planned overhaul of the city’s premier Fourth of July celebration. But organizers hope the screaming-baby balloon will be a sign of what’s to come that day: protests, and more of them.

The day will be busy as it is. More than a dozen other groups and individuals have requested space on the Mall that day — for activities that include making cards for troops, leading group meditations, selling books of poetry and preaching. They will join hundreds of thousands of Americans who annually head to the Mall to watch the fireworks.

Forget celebrating the birth of this nation, activists and protesters selfishly want to put the spotlight on themselves because they feel like they — and their oh-so important “hot takes” — don’t get enough attention the rest of the year.

Trump, himself, is going to be addressing the nation from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on Independence Day.

Of course, leftist politicians like D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D), accuse the president of attempting to make Independence Day about himself.

“It’s about the worst holiday he could have chosen,” Holmes Norton said, according to the Post. “You never want to make events like this around a single person. This is the difference between the Soviet Union — the old Soviet Union — and the United States. Cults of personality are not how we operate in this country.”

I know, right?! How dare the President of the United States address the nation on its birthday?!

Okay, but then why would you allow a baby blimp of Trump to fly in D.C., on Independence Day, if you don’t want the day to be centered around “a single person?”

The far-left only wants things one way — theirs. Who knows? Maybe if they continue to cry hard enough, they can get rid of any semblance of patriotism this country has left. Lord knows they’ve tried their hardest over the last few years.

H/T: Fox 32 - Chicago

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