Sacrebleu! Kamala Harris Appears to Use Cringe-Worthy French Accent During Paris Visit

Nick Kangadis | November 12, 2021
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Politicians, especially career politicians, really have no shame at all. Forget being a politician. If you’re just a regular person in a foreign land, would you ever use the accent of the people in that land to converse with them? Most rational people would never think of doing such a thing. Then again, those people aren’t Vice President Kamala Harris.

During Harris’ visit to France on Tuesday, the vice president was at a Chinese coronavirus lab at the Pasteur Institute in Paris when she seemed to use a horrible French accent when speaking to workers/scientists at the lab.

Conservative radio host Dan Bongino posted the clip to his Rumble channel and provided commentary for the embarrassing display.

I’ll just let all of you decide for yourselves. Watch below:


What do you think? Was that a lackluster attempt at humor? Or is Harris so tone deaf that she thought doing that was a good idea?

Whatever the case, this looks to be just another example of how out-of-touch President Joe Biden’s regime seems to be.

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