Russian Woman Claims She Was Raped -- By a Pokemon

Josh Luckenbaugh | August 11, 2016
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While playing hit smartphone game "Pokemon Go" has put several people in hazardous situations, no one has actually claimed the app attacked them -- until now. 

According to reports, a young, Russian woman submitted a formal complaint to Moscow police, asserting that she woke up one morning to find a giant Pokemon raping her. 

For those unfamiliar, "Pokemon Go" allows users to search for and collect virtual little monsters called Pokemon in real-world locations. Pokemon can only be generated on the phone screen while playing the game, and have no physical contact with anything. 

The woman, who is married and had been playing "Pokemon Go" before falling asleep, reportedly told police that she awoke to find a Pokemon on top of her, and that she felt an "assault." When she jumped out of bed, the Pokemon disappeared, but according to her, the app still detected that the creature was still in her room.

She immediately woke up her husband, who naturally didn't believe a Pokemon had raped his wife, and said she should see a psychiatrist. The police also dismissed the woman's claim.

This woman's suspicions of Pokemon entering the physical realm seem to be nothing new. Her friend, Ivan Makarov, told reporters:

She says there are too many Pokemon at her place and even the dog can sense them. She says the dog barks whenever she plays "Pokemon Go."

Makarov added that the woman eventually did take her husband's advice and made an appointment with a psychiatrist.

Here's a tip, folks: when you begin to think characters in a game are in a room with you, let alone going to rape you, maybe it's time to stop playing that game.