Russell Brand: Twitter, Facebook, Media Cover-Up More Troubling that the Actual Hunter Biden News

Craig Bannister | May 25, 2021
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Unflattering, and potentially incriminating, news about Hunter Biden “was stymied, stifled, controlled because it didn’t suit the shared agenda” of Democrats, media and social media – and that’s more troubling than the actual news, itself, English Comedian Russell Brand says.

In a video with journalist Glenn Greenwald posted to his YouTube account, Brand begins by declaring that he’s no conservative who’s voicing these concerns:

“Look, I’m not pro-Republican person, I don’t see myself that way. I don’t see myself as conservative, or in on Trump or Giuliani or kinda media establishments that were reporting on these revelations. They are not my cultural, social or political allies. That is certainly not how I see myself.”


But, the pre-election revelations about the foreign payments to Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, and brother, James, should have raised serious questions that demand answers:

“However, it seems to me that – what reason is Hunter Biden sat on the board of an energy company in Ukraine? What reason is James Biden sat on the board, or receiving payments from an energy company in China?

“We’re talking about sleaze, corruption, financial misdemeanors, and relationships between corporations, big business, and politicians. So, let’s face it: unless you’re bloody stupid, you know that’s going on all the time.”

Brand says the censorship of the news by social media giants Twitter and Facebook is even more distressing than the content of the news, because it was designed to influence the election:

“For me, revelations that there are financial connections between energy companies in Ukraine, energy companies in China, and the Biden family are troubling. That should be public knowledge.

“And it’s even more troubling that Twitter, and Facebook, and the media at-large deliberately kept it out of the news because they didn’t want it to influence the election.”


“The fact is, that this information was stymied, stifled, controlled because it didn’t suit the shared agenda of these three pillars of power (Democrats, media and social media). That almost concerns me more than the nature of the revelations, themselves.”

Media, social media and Democrats all “conspired to keep information away from you,” Brand says. “What does that make you feel?” he asks:

“I don’t think Donald Trump’s the answer. But, I’m sad to realize that I can no longer even claim to believe that Joe Biden and the Democratic Party might be the answer - because look at how they behaved.

“And, look at the relationships between media, social media and that party that conspired to keep information away from you - because it was not convenient to their agenda.

“What does that make you feel?”

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