Rush's Producer Bo Snerdley STILL WAITING For Acosta To Produce EVIDENCE of Limbaugh Racism Claim

P. Gardner Goldsmith | February 17, 2020
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AGAIN, as it has been for decades, the smear-laden, Big Media focus on skin color and other surface factors of the population – rather than the focus on merits of one’s ideas and the content of one’s character – pushes us, the folks who prefer merits and character, to deal with their blather.

And this time, a name talk radio listeners know is standing up to defend his employer and friend of over three decades.

Ruch Limbaugh’s long-time producer, James Golden (aka “Bo Snerdley”) recently had enough of CNN “reporter” Jim Acosta’s unsupported attacks on Limbaugh.

Shortly after Rush announced on the air that he is battling lung cancer, and mere minutes after President Trump awarded Limbaugh the Medal of Freedom during his State of the Union speech on February 4, CNN’s seemingly spiteful Acosta took to the mic to suggest that Trump was honoring a racist man:

'He was trying to make appeals to the African-American community,' Acosta said. 'It can’t be forgotten he was awarding the Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh, who has a history of making derogatory comments about African-Americans. So I think, you know, overall it’s a wash.'

And while many leftists who don’t listen to Rush’s top-rated radio program might clap like trained seals upon hearing that scurrilous smear, the man who likely has heard more of the show than anyone save for Rush himself recognized Acosta’s slanderous statement for the unwarranted and uncouth falsehood it was.

That man is, of course, Mr. Golden, who, as “Bo Snerdley” has produced Rush’s show for more than three decades. Shortly after Acosta spewed his nonsense, Snerdley stepped up to challenge him, Tweeting on Feb 5:

Don't believe @Acosta can respond. There are no facts to support his slanderous assertions. Those facts do not exist. @CNN and @Acosta are ignoring my direct challenge for them to produce the list of supposed ‘history’ of racism because they can't.

And Acosta has yet to respond.

No surprise.

This is Rush Limbaugh, the man who single-handedly resurrected the talk radio format after President Reagan’s 1987 veto of legislation that would have written into statute a fascistic FCC policy of forcing radio stations to have to devote air time to every opposing view that might disagree with an editorial commentary. This policy was called “The Fairness Doctrine”, and, in classic Orwellian tradition, it had nothing to do with fairness. It had the practical effect of making radio operators afraid of offering any opinions on the air. Meanwhile, so-called “news” on the old guard TV and radio nets were exempt from having to show the “other side”, despite their “news” being so flagrantly leftist, people flocked to FoxNews in the 1990s when offered an alternative.

With the policy still in its “court” Reagan’s FCC (a body that always stands to threaten free speech and has no real constitutional justification) did not resurrect the Doctrine.

And Rush, who had been doing local talk radio, saw an opportunity to go national.

And in doing so, not only did he create the contemporary Talk Radio genre -- helping to circumvent the dinosaur media so effectively that Bill Clinton tried to implicate the information alternative as a reason for the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing, essentially calling talk radio “hate radio” while offering (surprise) no evidence – he also showed leftists that conservatives weren’t racist and cared more for merit.

See, Snerdley is a black man, and would have left Rush at the first sign of racism. Not only did Rush hire him and work with him for thirty years, Snerdly, like Rush, occasionally got on the air to poke fun at the obvious racism of “Identity Politics”, which crushes individuality in favor of skin color, sexual orientation, gender, or religious belief.

As Grio’s David Love writes (in a mostly critical report on Rush and Snerdley):

Self-described as the ‘official Obama criticizer,” Snerdley says he is ‘certified black enough to criticize, with a heavy dose of pure, unadulterated organic slave blood.’ Part of his shtick is providing a commentary, usually a criticism of Obama or some other black leader, in perfect English.

The point being that pop news for years divested anyone other than their favored leftist African Americans from speaking on racial issues, constantly smeared small-government conservatives as racist in the mocking mold of caricature Archie Bunker (whom many on the left saw as the prototypical conservative, despite it being Democrats who formed the core of the original Ku Klux Klan and who fought hardest against the 1964 Civil Rights Act), and used their echo chamber to promote race-card dealing hypocrites such as Jessie Jackson and the larger “Culture of Victimhood”, wherein every non-minority conservative or libertarian alive today -- though he or she might not be racist, likely went through all kinds of hardships as individuals, and had no hand in harming any member of a minority group – had to constantly “accommodate” minority “members” through quotas, preferential policies, government welfare, and other forms of wealth redistribution.

Rush opposed that, with Snerdley by his side, and Rush went even further, for years inviting George Mason Economics Professor Walter Williams to be his regular fill-in host.

That would be Williams, who, as he said each time he appeared, was “Black, by popular demand,” because, of course, Rush is such a racist, he invited a black man to host his program catering to those racist conservatives out in the hinterlands.

Look, one need not agree with Rush Limbaugh on every issue to know he's not prejudiced and to appreciate his manner of exposing the absurd by being absurd. His numerous spoof songs, such as “Barack, The Magic Negro” could be seen as racist by those who want to attack him. But that would be unfair, and exposes either ignorance of what Rush has done so well for so long, or reflects a desire to take Rush’s ironic and satirical humor and twist it for political advantage.

Throughout his career, Rush has stressed treating people on their merits, for their hearts and by their deeds. Mr. Snerdley, Walter Williams, and Rush’s fans know this.

If Acosta doesn’t, he’s ignorant of what Limbaugh broadcasts, which is shocking to consider. If he does know the truth about Rush, then his scandalous comments aren’t ignorant, they’re cynical and misleading, which is something we've seen before on CNN.

And Mr. Golden is exposing the latter as the most likely possibility.