Rush Limbaugh: The U.S. Could be 'Trending Toward Secession'

Nick Kangadis | December 11, 2020
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Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh spit some uncomfortable opinions along with some truths that people need to hear whether they like or not. You don’t have to agree with it, but people should take note and be aware that clashes between Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and leftists, are not like anything we’ve seen before in this country.

Limbaugh was asked by a caller on the Wednesday edition of his radio show on Wednesday if he thought “conservatism would ever dominate U.S. culture again,” according to The Hill.

While not advocating for it, Limbaugh said that through articles, conversations and the word on the street that the U.S. could be “trending toward secession.”

“…I’ve alluded to this a couple of times because I’ve seen others allude to this — I actually think that we’re trending toward secession,” Limbaugh said on Wednesday.

The legendary radio host expanded on his reasoning for thinking of the possibility of states seceding from the union.

“It can’t go on this way," said Limbaugh. "There cannot be a peaceful coexistence of two completely different theories of life, theories of government, theories of how we manage our affairs. We can’t be in this dire a conflict without something giving somewhere along the way.”

He’s not wrong.

This country has been so deliberately divided by so many different components of our society that people don’t know how to communicate with each other anymore. You don’t have to agree, but it’s true if you sit back and objectively take a look at what’s going on.

It’s like a balloon. You can only fill it so much before it pops.

Check the following video for Limbaugh's comments from Wednesday:


On Thursday’s show, Limbaugh had to go to the trouble of explaining that what he said was not an advocation of secession, but an opinion-based analysis based on everything he’s seen and heard recently.

“I’ve been accused of saying something I didn’t say,” Limbaugh said. “In this case, I have not, did not and would not advocate for secession.”

Limbaugh doesn’t have to convince people who understand how to take comments in context. But the radical media and their “fact-checking,” dishonest puppet websites that push false narrative headlines do a really good job of subverting reality.

For video of Limbaugh's Thursday comments, watch below: