Rumble Offers New Income Incentive to Numerous Liberty-Backing Creators

P. Gardner Goldsmith | August 13, 2021
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As millions of people worldwide witness the bizarre, anti-thought, anti-debate censoriousness of Google’s YouTube, new rivals are emerging to fill the global demand for honest conversation and journalism.

Rumble is one of them. And the folks behind the video-hosting platform are making big moves to attract creators who have experienced pop media attacks for their outspoken defenses of liberty.

As The Washington Post’s Drew Harwell reports

The Toronto-based upstart Rumble said Thursday that it has struck deals with former U.S. congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, the journalist firebrand Glenn Greenwald and others who had committed to posting their videos first to the site.

This is significant for numerous reasons.

First, it stands as a powerful contrast to the censoriousness of YouTube.

As many MRCTV readers and viewers know, we have had problems with that website flagging certain videos, and so, as a forward-thinking move, we have begun using freedom-loving Rumble as an additional host, for both our new content and older productions.

And MRCTV is not alone. Our own Nick Kangadis recently released a video covering the offensive YouTube censorship of many honest creators, including its most recent attack on Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (R), simply because Paul dared to exhort people to resist tyranny while citing CDC-provided info on the COVID19 virus and COVD19 jabs.

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YouTube for years has shut down, cut off the ad revenue of, stopped live-streams for, or threatened to shut off conservative or libertarian creators such as Mark Dice, Alex Jones, David Knight, Owen Shroyer, Boston radio hosts Howie Carr and Grace Curley, James Corbett (whose legendary, scholarly Corbett Report channel was purged a few months ago, and whose CorbettReportExtras is suffering with two of three “strikes” from YT), MRCTV, PragerU, OANN, LifeSiteNews, rapper and Christian-libertarian An0maly (his channel was pulled, then returned to him after he rallied support on Instagram and other social media sites), HighImpactFlix, my personal friend Liberty Doll, Canada’s Amazing Polly, Canada’s PressForTruth, Brett Weinstein, Canada’s RebelNews, SGTReport, almost any channel discussing COVID-19 information that might not conform to government claims, and many more.

This is also significant because Rumble is continuing to show visitors and creators that its business model is backing its freedom of speech model, something that left-leaning YouTube stopped doing prior to the 2016 election as it began to stop ad revenue/monetization for channels like that belonging to Mark Dice and as it evidently began to manipulate search results, also revealed many years ago by Dice.

Of course, in the Washington Post report on the Rumble move, one cannot expect fairness, so we are offered this slanted take on both Greenwald and Gabbard:



“Gabbard and Greenwald have expanded their fan bases in recent months by criticizing what they call overly aggressive media censorship in appearances on Fox News and Twitter, where each has more than 1 million followers.”

“Expanded their fan bases” seems to give the impression that these two people have acted not based on principle, but for the sake of popularity, which is precisely the opposite of what their records in journalism and their opinion posts would indicate.

Both Greenwald and Gabbard have stood out from their leftist former colleagues because they have NOT catered to the leftist pop media demands to tow the line on U.S. militarism, U.S. spying, U.S. fascism, and many other specific and general politically-driven acts. They easily could have parroted the CNN-Biden-Deep-State-MSNBC-CIA-John-Brennan-Washington-Post-NYT lines in support of international regime change, domestic and international spying, extrajudicial drone murders, weapons smuggling, and censorship of those who believe in individual liberty.

But they did not.

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Both Gabbard and Greenwald likely would disagree with conservatives and libertarians about some issues such as numerous EPA government regulations or certain welfare policies. But it is remarkable, and important to note, that GabbardGreenwaldNaomi WolfMatt TiabbiSeymour Hersh and a few other left-leaning commentators/reporters cannot find homes for their thoughts in media organizations that used to welcome them – organizations like CNN, The New Yorker, and MSNBC.

Instead, it is the conservatives and libertarians – often depicted by big-time leftists as being “white supremacist” haters of dissent and religiously-driven censors – who welcome their input and journalism.

Notice how, in the above WaPo quote, writer Harwell claims “they call” the censorship “overly aggressive” without him actually quoting either of them saying those words, so his use of “overly aggressive” is journalistically unsound, despite it being on the right path. Notice how he doesn’t even bother making a partial list of the YouTube users who have been banned, who have suffered from YouTube’s continuously fluctuating “user” standards, and who have found it nearly impossible to reliably count on the site to give them a sound business model so that those creators can make long-term plans.

At least Harwell does provide Greenwald’s take on a few facets of the Rumble move.

“Greenwald said in an interview he sees Rumble as a way ‘of liberating ourselves from the control and oppression of Big Tech monopolies' censorship and tyranny.’"

And so do many of us see it here at MRCTV.

Rumble’s move is a strong indicator of the Toronto-based company’s devotion to free speech. It also could mean that the company itself might have to leave Canada in the years to come.

As Ezra Levant, founder of Rebel News has learned, the Canadian government is not friendly to dissent or even the discussion of allowing dissent. 

And the U.S. regime just reinstituted its propagandistic Portman-Murphy Countering Propaganda Act, which will let Biden shower friendly leftist media outlets with $150 million a year starting next year if they promote the approved Bidenista messages, so perhaps the U.S. isn’t a friendly place for companies hoping to promote free speech.

Is there a nation where business people believing in freedom can call home?

That’s something to explore. Meanwhile, Rumble will provide a virtual home, online, for people believing in free speech, people like paid creators Greenwald and Gabbard. And they will provide a home for us at MRCTV, thanks to you. 

We’ll see you there.