Rumble Exits France As French Gov't Demands Censorship

P. Gardner Goldsmith | November 4, 2022
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People interested in the struggle for free speech, fair play, and the free market likely have seen a profusion of new reports revealing the “sides” certain social media and video platforms are choosing.

Are they aligning with liberty and honesty, or statism and censorship?

As MRCTV’s Nick Kangadis reported Wednesday, YouTube just suspended popular conservative commentator Steven Crowder – just in time for the elections. As I reported October 31, numerous leftist celebs, so-called “journalists,” and even big-government-favored General Motors are freaking out over the possibility that new Twitter CEO Elon Musk might REVERSE Twitter’s previous hostility towards conservatives, towards libertarians, towards people extolling the virtues of medical freedom, and towards anti-war activists – and actually NOT silence, shadow-ban, and purge them. 

And as the battle lines become clearer, and more people understand the importance of the fight, we receive news that not only effects MRCTV and its supporters, but also effects everyone who visits free-speech video platform Rumble.

Daniel McAdams reports for the Ron Paul Institute that Rumble just took on the government of France.

“Faced with French Government demands that free-speech video platform Rumble censor Russian news channels, the company's CEO simply said ‘no.’ No more Rumble for France.”

It’s a fight for the freedom of video-makers to speak, for the freedom of the audience to find info, and for the liberty of viewers to assess that info.

Former Fox News and CBS reporters Clayton Morris and Natali Morris now host their own independent news venture, "Redacted," on YT (when they aren’t blocked) and Rumble, and, in addition to completely withdrawing from Facebook on the news of the FB-DHS backdoor censorship issue, Clayton and Natali also cheered this principled move by Rumble. Noted Clayton, on their November 2 livestream:

“Thank you, to Rumble, for being a free-speech advocate. France tried to get them to basically censor certain content, and Rumble said, ‘Uh-uh. You know what? Instead, we’ll just pull out of France altogether, until you get your s**t together.”

And, as Natali observed:

“In fact, we had a viewer who said, ‘I was getting all settled-in to watch your show on Rumble, and then, pulled it up, and realized that I can no longer watch it, in France.’”


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She added:

“While they litigate whether or not the French government can ask them to – it wasn’t OUR channel that they were rejecting, it was other, just, ‘Russian media outlets’ that they decided they didn’t want up… and Rumble refused.”

Clayton noted that one of the prime targets of the French government is Russia Today ("RT"), which, as many know, is funded by the Russian government in much the same way the U.S. government funds the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), the Public Broadcasting System (PBS), National Public Radio (NPR), numerous television and radio stations via its corporate creation “the AD Council,” various media outlets when it uses federal bureaucracies to buy ad time, and now, numerous additional media outlets via the revived “Portman-Murphy Countering Foreign Propaganda Act,” which was included in the Biden “American Recovery Act” and can fund favored U.S. media to the tune of $150 million over the next two years.

State funded propaganda is state funded propaganda after all. 

When it comes to this type of censorship, we cannot delude ourselves into thinking, “It couldn’t happen here.”

The Rumble v. France censorship battle already has been presaged by Biden’s “Ministry of Truth” at DHS (which is not dead, by the way, and now is headed by former DHS “Czar” and “airport scan meister” Michael Chertoff).

Additionally, I reported Tuesday that YouTube is adopting a perverse “carrot and stick” policy for doctors who might want to post videos about medicine. If they are “licensed” by politicians/govt and IF they post information that runs in compliance with the tax-funded World Health Organization bureaucracy (which has shown over and over to not only be funded through coercion but also to be filled with ethically questionable characters and to continually spew slanted, unreliable info), THEN they will be promoted by the corporation. If not, they might be purged.

And, on November 1, RedState’s Becca Lower reported that FCC Commish Brendan Carr might pull the U.S. equivalent of France’s move by banning TikTok on “U.S. national security” grounds.

So, to protect you from choosing to visit a media platform that might be tied to a foreign government, the domestic government that takes your money and threatens you with all manner of diktats, which literally spends hundreds of millions of your dollars on its own propaganda, and which sends military hardware and intel overseas without any hint of constitutionality or morality – that U.S. government wants to stop TikTok.

Yes, the battle lines are drawn. And they cut deep inside the corrupt U.S. political system itself, not just along international borders.

Tyrannical mentalities are not restricted by borders.

Rumble’s fight reminds us that we also can take a wider perspective, and fight for freedom of speech here, in the U.S.

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