Roy Moore Accuser Admits To Adding Part of Her 'Yearbook' Proof

ola olugbemi | December 8, 2017
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Beverly Young Nelson, the owner of the now infamous yearbook containing alleged proof that Alabama Senatorial candidate Roy Moore harassed her when she was a teenaged waitress, recently admitted to ABC News that she added part of the yearbook inscription herself, which up until now was alleged to have been written entirely by Moore.

In the ABC News interview, Nelson stated that she added the date and location of the yearbook inscription, but failed to report these key facts in the initial allegation.

Nelson accused Moore of groping her when she was 16 and he was in his 30’s.

Many are now charging her and her lawyer, Gloria Allred, with committing fraud for failing to admit this crucial detail:

Breitbart News Network reported that Nelson has a motive for lying about Moore, considering the fact that Moore ruled against her in a 1999 divorce court case as a circuit court judge.

Watch Nelson’s interview below:

Beverly Young Nelson, one of the women accusing GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual misconduct, tells @GMA it “sickens” her to think what might happen if Moore is elected.

— ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) December 8, 2017


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