Rose McGowan Suspended From Twitter After Weinstein Tweets

Bryan Michalek | October 12, 2017
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Actress Rose McGowan has been temporarily suspended from Twitter after comments she made against Harvey Weinstein and his defenders this week. 

McGowan, who had reportedly reached her own settlement deal of up to $100,000 with Weinstein over undisclosed claims in 1997, has been one of the loudest voices in the recent campaign against the disgraced Hollywood producer. 

On Twitter, McGowan first accused Matt Damon of profiteering off Weinstein, despite allegedly having knowledge of his sinister activities and keeping them quiet. The post hit the web on Monday.

After reaching more than 2,000 retweets and almost 6,000 likes, McGowan fired shots again, this time at Damon's "Good Will Hunting" co-star Ben Affleck.


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McGowan was then notified of her temporary suspension by Twitter and posted the following message on her Instagram page with the caption, "TWITTER HAS SUSPENDED ME. THERE ARE POWERFUL FORCES AT WORK. BE MY VOICE." The post now has more than 10,000 likes. 


A post shared by Rose McGowan (@rosemcgowan) on

According to the notification, McGowan's account will remain suspended until the disputed tweets are removed, and only then would her countdown begin, adding insult to injury. It was not immediately clear from the notification which posts had violated the site's terms and conditions, but apt assumptions clearly point at her remarks towards Damon and Affleck.

In February, the Verge reported that Twitter would lock accounts that swore at famous people in an effort to diminish the reach of abusive accounts. In the report, it was found that Twitter declined to describe the criteria for determining abuse in detail, and prescribed 12-hour temporary suspensions for first-time offenders. 

Speaking with the Daily Beast, Twitter Product Boss Ed Ho said, "Making Twitter a safer place is our primary focus and we are now moving with more urgency than ever."

While taken at face value, this may seem like a nice measure to keep the peace online. In reality, however, it's the conduit of a much more Orwellian dilemma, like this one.

In a misguided effort to grant safe spaces from trolls, it looks like the social media platform has instead provided a hiding place for some of Hollywood's most despicable characters. 

(Cover photo: Jeff Balke)

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