The Root: America Deserved Independence Day Mass Shooting

Michael Ippolito | July 7, 2022
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As families lament the tragedy on America’s birthday, leave it to the Root to exploit the tragedy for its sick racist worldview. 

Root contributor Keith Reed says the United States deserved the mass shooting in Illinois. 

Reed claims that the tragedy that happened is as American as apple pie. “A Fourth of July mass shooting isn’t antithetical to a holiday commemorating this country’s birth and culture,” he writes. “In 2022, mass shooting is as apropos a marker of the Fourth of July as fireworks and cookouts with drunk uncles who failed high school civics but love arguments about politics.” The audacity of Reed to claim mass shootings are a part of American culture shows his lack of empathy for all parties involved in the tragedy. Furthermore, Reed continues to bring race into the situation. “The only thing more American than a white male with a history of questionable social media posts unloading an AR-15 bought with his daddy’s money on a crowd of innocents would be for cops to take that guy into custody peacefully, and for all of this to unfold in the same week that cops elsewhere killed a Black man who hadn’t harmed anyone in a hail of 60 bullets and then handcuff his corpse where it laid,” he writes. Reed is effectively checking off the leftist talking points card so far. 

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Reed then belittles the Supreme Court and Congress, blaming them. “After dozens of desecrated bodies were interred in Buffalo, Uvalde, Tulsa and Laguna Woods, the country needed legislation that included stronger background checks, a ban on assault weapons or at least a higher minimum age to buy one. Congress passed a law that included neither, despite the fact that, if you listen to polls, most of the country wanted them to go harder for gun control,” he wrote. “Not to be outdone by the other deadbeat parent, the Supreme Court followed up by rebuking states whose legislatures had already enacted their own gun control measures.” Reed fails to mention the strict gun laws already in Illinois but instead pivots to attacking institutions that were not involved.

The left has gone from dismissing “thoughts and prayers” to now stating that America deserved this tragedy to happen. Leave it to the Root to stand on the graves of innocent victims.


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