Romney: U.S. Should Consider Sending Troops to Fight ISIS

Katie Rodriguez | November 17, 2014
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Mitt Romney criticized President Obama's strategy in the Middle East because of its lack of willingness to "keep American troops standing by in Iraq."

Romney said on Sunday's episode of "Face the Nation" that the United States must keep an open mind to sending troops back to Iraq to fight the Islamic State, while President Obama has repeatedly assured the American people that this is something that will not happen.












"When the president says that ISIS is a cancer and it must be eliminated, he's right,” said Romney. “But you don't say, ‘We're only going to use the following tools in doing so.’ You say, ‘We're going to do whatever it takes.’ If it takes our own troops, [Obama shouldn’t] take that source of our strength away from the battlefield.”

Romney has been pretty vocal about his criticism of Obama's foreign policy over the years.  Back in 2012 when he mentioned that Russia was our biggest "geopolitical foe," Obama brushed him off.  

When Russia annexed Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula earlier this year, however, President Obama got a fair share of criticism and lots of people wondered if Romney was right.

As for right now, however, President Obama seems pretty steadfast in his decision to not send troops.  Obama said on his way back from the G20 summit in Australia that he will not send ground troops to fight ISIS unless they possess nuclear weapons.


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