Romney SCHOOLS Obama for Lack of Strategy Against ISIS, Offers His Own

Ben Graham | June 11, 2015
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Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney was featured on The Kelly File Thursday night where he ripped into Obama's handling of ISIS in Iraq.

Host Megyn Kelly reminded viewers that the President, who just recently admitted it himself, lacks a complete strategy when it comes to fighting against ISIS. She asked Romney for his approach:

"You wanted the job. You've given it some thought. Do you have a strategy for defeating ISIS?" Kelly asked.

"It's certainly not based upon all of the informed information one would have as President of the United States, but I think you have to stand back and say that it's very disappointing, actually disconcerting for the Commander-and-Chief to send off 450 men and women into harm's way and then tell them at the same time that 'we don't have a strategy for you to be successful,'" Romney replied.

"The right strategy, I think, for ISIS is divided into two parts," he said.

"Phase one is to hold ISIS where it is and to concentrate it into one place, keep it from spreading. Phase two is to ultimately eliminate it."

Romney discussed night raids and targeted airstrikes as useful methods to take back key cities for the purpose of hurting ISIS' propaganda campaigns. He also talked of utilizing U.S. Special Forces to stamp out any sort of ISIS-related splinter group.

Kelly went on to ask Romney if he thought that those 450 boots on the ground were evidence of a real effort on the part of the President to fight ISIS, or if the move to send those soldiers was simply "window dressing." 

"I'm sure the President did it with a great deal of reluctance," Romney said. 

"The President is going about this backwards. We're putting in a few people here and there without knowing why they're there or what they're supposed to accomplish what the end game is."

"Look, we don't send men and women into harm's way unless we understand the mission from the beginning, how we're going to know whether we've won and how we're going to get out," he added.

Check out the interview below. 

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