Romney: It Looks Like Hillary ‘Was Bribed to Grease the Sale’ of 20% of American Uranium

Barbara Boland | April 24, 2015
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“You know, I’ve got to tell you, I was stunned by it. I mean, it looks like bribery,” Romney said of the New York Times report detailing millions of dollars secretly paid by a Russian energy company to the Clinton Foundation.

“I mean, there is every appearance that Hillary Clinton was bribed to grease the sale of, what, 20-percent of America’s uranium production to Russia, and then it was covered up by lying about a meeting at her home with the principals, and by erasing emails,” Romney said on the Hugh Hewitt radio show.

“And you know, I presume we might know for sure whether there was or was not bribery if she hadn’t wiped out thousands of emails,” Romney added.

“This is a very, very serious series of facts, and it looks like bribery,” he repeated.

Romney explained: “The story that came from the New York Times is pretty straightforward, which is that millions upon millions of dollars were given to the Clinton Foundation at the same time by a group of people who had uranium assets, and shortly thereafter, these people came to the State Department for approval to be able to sell these assets to Russia for a huge price tag. And those are the facts.”

The New York Times detailed that a Russian energy company donated $2.35 million to the Clinton Foundation via a Canadian company they had acquired. Bill Clinton was also paid half a million dollars for a speech in Moscow. These contributions were not disclosed by the Clintons, despite a public statement by Hillary that all donations would be made public.

“And if those things are connected, as they certainly seem to be, it’s a form of bribery,” Romney continued. “And that’s what it appears to be, and that is of course what’s going to have to be delved into, and I’m afraid this is bigger than just her presidential campaign. I mean, this is a question about whether or not the United States Secretary of State was bribed to grease the sale of strategic assets to Russia.”


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