Rodgers Slams NFL COVID Policy: ‘There Hasn't Been Any Conversation About Health’

Gabriel Hays | December 22, 2021
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There is no room for debate or nuance or even a discussion on health when it comes to the NFL’s COVID protocols. That’s what Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers lamented during a recent sports show interview.

Rodgers, the 38-year-old football star and unvaccinated American – a cause for controversy in the media, joined The Pat McAfee Show on December 21 to talk about how the NFL and American culture at large is getting COVID protocols all wrong.

Rodgers has been tarred and feathered throughout the media for previously omitting that he has not been vaccinated and, upon being found out, publicly stating the government has botched its COVID response, in part, by suppressing alternatives to COVID vaccine. 

Thus, he’s been branded as a conspiracy theorist and has been the victim of attempted cancellation.

During Rodgers’ recent Tuesday appearance, he leaned into the topic of vaccinations and the cancel culture that comes with certain unpopular opinions on that topic. As such, he wore a sweatshirt emblazoned with the words “Cancel Culture” on it and started speaking out again on how COVID protocols are not logical and not working.

Rodgers began his most recent comments by remarking how much the COVID policies have shifted in the NFL throughout the pandemic. He explained how at first – “in the offseason” – he and other unvaccinated players dealt with “coercion” to get vaccinated or force their respective teams “to forfeit” and thus lose pay if one of them precipitated an outbreak.

But, now that “it’s been revealed that non-vaccinated players are not these dangerous superspreaders and, you know, places like SNL or teams that are fully vaccinated can have outbreaks… they’ve adjusted the rules,” he continued, adding, “You know, it’s all in flux.”

What’s worse, according to Rodgers, is that unvaxxed people still have to follow all the draconian rules regarding constant testing, distancing and quarantining, but vaccinated people do not have to go through this, even though vaxxed people are still getting cases. Now, it’s “zero testing for vaccinated players and non-vaccinated players who haven’t contracted COVID still have to test and adhere to the same rules,” he said.

Essentially, the rules always change and, when they do, they still don’t make sense, according to the football star.

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Then, Rodgers launched into another gripe that he has with the whole COVID prevention culture and claimed that there’s no conversation about COVID and prevention unless it’s about vaccines.

“The one frustration I have is that throughout all of this there hasn't been any conversation about health. I don't understand why society and the NFL hasn't talked about legitimate COVID treatment options,” he added, of course, clarifying that he’s talking about drugs like Ivermectin, which is not FDA-approved. Though, he did mention the monoclonal antibodies treatment, which is given by American doctors. Still, Rodgers maintained that even if these things didn’t work, there should still be a conversation about them.

“I just wish there was more conversation about health and around treatment options moving forward and I hope there will be,” Rodgers concluded. I think we can all agree on that one.

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