Robert Gibbs: Nobody Reads the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal

Stephen Gutowski | October 15, 2010
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During yesterday's press conference Robert Gibbs dismissed the impact of a story in the New York Times Magazine by claiming nobody really reads it. He followed the comment up by saying the Wall Street Journal is equally lacking in influence.

Q. From your answer to Wendell’s question, it sounds like you did read the New York Times magazine piece. MR. GIBBS: I did. Q. Can you elaborate a little bit on what the President meant when he said there’s no such thing as a shovel-ready project?  Does that mean that the stimulus on the infrastructure side has not been helpful to the economy? MR. GIBBS: No, I -- look, there are -- more than 75,000 job-creating projects have been started as a result of the infrastructure investment in the Recovery Act.  Did every project start as quickly as you would have hoped?  No.  But 75,000 have. Investment in each state in improving the infrastructure of the roads, the bridges, the airports -- fundamental investment in building a foundation for a stronger tomorrow, which was necessary and needed, and has created jobs, has led to economic growth.  The President has no second thoughts about that. Q. Do you think that the timing of this self-criticism is helpful to Democrats going into this election? MR. GIBBS: No offense, I don’t think -- I don’t know how many people will read the New York Times magazine. Q. Okay.  And one more question on something else. Q. A guy from the Wall Street Journal likes hearing that.  (Laughter.) MR. GIBBS: The same could be said and underscored for the Wall Street Journal.