Robert De Niro: Leftists Are 'Beyond Trying to See Another Person's Point of View'

Nick Kangadis | April 5, 2018
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Actor Robert De Niro is a hateful little man, and his latest comments prove just how close minded and ignorant Leftists like him actually are.

De Niro did an interview with independent filmmaker website IndieWire this week to promote his Tribeca Film Festival, and when asked about the ratings success of ABC’s ‘Roseanne,’ De Niro became as smug as humanly possible.

Here’s what De Niro told IndieWire:

I’ve never seen her show before, I didn’t know she was supporting Trump, but I have no interest in that. We’re at a point with all of us this [sic] where it’s beyond trying to see another person’s point of view. There are ways you can talk about that, but we’re at a point where the things that are happening in our country are so bad and it comes from Trump. There are so many people who have left his administration. It’s a serious thing. So I don’t care about Roseanne. They want that thing, fine. We have real issues in this country.

“Real issues,” huh? Like the fact that only reason De Niro did this interview was to promote himself and his film festival? Issues like that, right?

I would probably talk more about De Niro's jab at President Trump, but we're so used to him bashing the president that it's kind of just white noise at this point. Maybe I'm beyond trying to see his ignorant point of view. But, I still acknowledge De Niro's right to say what he wants no matter how badly he wants to take people's rights away.

De Niro said “we’re” — I can only assume he means radical Leftists like him — not interested in hearing other people’s point of view. How very open-minded of him. How ironic that someone actively campaigning for strict gun control measures would also discount people’s points of view in the form of free speech.

People like De Niro won’t stop their hateful tirades until American citizens are subservient to a global government and the Hollywood cult, along with being stripped of their rights.

Speaking of rights like the Second Amendment, De Niro took the opportunity to bash the National Rifle Association (NRA) as well.

“The people that I care about are those young people who demonstrated,” De Niro said. “They’re the future. They know. They say, ‘We’ll remember in November.’ They’re the ones that feel the way we do, not the way the gun lovers and the NRA do, with all that idiocy to the point of absurdity.”

The only person displaying any idiocy is the guy who slams the NRA after making his career murdering people in mob movies with — that’s right — guns. The only reason De Niro and the rest of the Hollywood cult love these protesting kids is because they’re easily manipulated by adults with nefarious motives.

And if anyone knows how to manipulate people — both on and off the silver screen — it’s Hollywood.

Keep talking, Bobby. You’re only showing us who you really are.