RNC Protesters: ‘Shout Your Abortion;’ Trump’s ‘Culture Predisposed to Fascism’

danjoseph | July 21, 2016
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MRCTV went undercover in Cleveland and talked to Republican Convention protesters to see if they’d open up and tell us what they really think.

Posing as a reporter for “Progressive Daily,” MRCTV interviewed an assortment of RNC protesters, including:

  • A man with an anti-Trump Swastika sign,
  • An activist wearing a “Shout Your Abortion” shirt and a “meat grinder” cap, and
  • A woman in a giant butterfly costume (“The Freedom Fairy”).

The Swastika sign protester told MRCTV that he wanted people to know that Donald Trump’s heritage is Germanic, which means his culture is “predisposed to Fascism”:

“The family name was Drumpf before the family moved to America and changed it to Trump. So, [what] I’m doing is drawing the attention that he himself comes from immigrant stock.

“And, that the Germanic thing, Trump was a Germanic name, and is the culture predisposed to Fascism.”

“Shouting your abortion is all about taking the stigma away from abortion,” the abortion activist told MRCTV, adding that repetition of the word will make abortion more acceptable:

“Shouting your abortion is all about taking the stigma away from abortion. The more we say it – ‘abortion, abortion, abortion’ – every single time we say it, the stigma is taken away.”

“’Partial-Birth abortion’ was a term coined by the right,” she warned, agreeing that all abortions should be both free and on-demand.

As for the Freedom Fairy, she warned MRCTV that the “right-wing populism spreading across the world” and in the U.S. will cause people to be “rounded up” and put in internment camps.

Just watch.

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