RINO MA Gov Charlie Baker Flips on Travel Bans, Digital Jab Passports

P. Gardner Goldsmith | December 1, 2021

Many people in New England are wondering whether the best nickname for RINO Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker is “Two-Face” -- because he takes self-contradictory positions on many issues, depending on which position furthers his goals – or to call him “Flip”, because he’s even gone so far as to take one position against digital jab passports, then flip to seem in favor of them, then, in the course of a day, flip, AGAIN, after public backlash.

Let’s start with Baker’s first tilt-a-whirl flip of the week in our quixotic effort to determine if he’s a comic book character, or a comedian, or, perhaps, a circus performer.

That first glorious flip came on November 26, when he Tweeted his support for Joe Biden’s “ordered” travel ban from South Africa and seven other nations in “response” to the claimed “omicron” variant of COVID-19.

Said Baker (whom Joe Biden once called “Charlie Parker,” confusing him with the long-deceased jazz musician, who, as far as I know, did not do situational acrobatics nearly as often as Charlie Baker):

This is the right move until the medical community can learn more about this new variant. Getting a vaccine and a booster remains the best way to keep you and your family safe.

All of which is about as cheap and bromidic as a sample from a snake-oil salesman.

Then again, the snake-oil salesman doesn’t take your cash through taxation.

And, in addition to the fact that Baker doesn’t offer his opinions free, it’s worth noting that there’s no such thing as “the medical community,” as his handy and trite term asserts, and that his statement doesn’t stand logical scrutiny. If he believes the “medical community” needs more info, then how can he claim that a so-called “vaccine” and booster are the best way to be safe?

This question is made even more pertinent when one sees reports from Botswana, the supposed source of “omicron,” for it is there that the four positive cases were confirmed by the government as having been among those who were “fully vaccinated.”



And, apart from those niggling problems with Baker’s assessment of Biden’s edict and of the “best way to keep you and your family safe,” there’s the broader Two-Facedness of Baker’s new position, versus what he said about Donald Trump’s similar travel ban, back in 2020.

As Boston.com’s Nik DeCosta-Klipa pointed out in April of last year, when “Charlie Parker” heard that Donald Trump was going to halt immigration in addition to halting short-term travel to the US from numerous nations where COVID19 numbers had spiked, he joined leftists such as Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren (D) in opposition. That would be Liz Warren, who called Trump’s curbs on visits and immigration “xenophobic.”

No such rhetoric from any of them, now that Biden is shutting down travel into the US from eight other nations – all located in Africa.

One cannot be sure if Baker’s change of heart might just be driven by something other than political posturing.

Perhaps he’s changed his mind and now likes the President blocking foreigners from entering the US.

Don't expect him to give an explanation.

Likewise, don’t expect him to explain his evident DOUBLE-FLIP when it comes to jab passports.

Indeed, in April, Baker expressed his opposition to so-called “digital jab passports”, i.e. phone-displayed codes exposing to others your medical jab information per order of government officials who issue commands about being jabbed in order to shop, dine out, etc.

But in September, during a chat with friendly leftist National Public Radio WGBH, the tax-paid Massachusetts Governor offered to the tax-subsidized radio hosts what seemed like the excited announcement that he wanted to see precisely what he had opposed. In fact, even WGBH noted:

Baker's thinking has evolved since April, when he said it was too early to consider vaccine passports.

Evidently, things change a lot as one reads studies about how, over just 200 days, all brands of the jabs show terribly decreased efficacy to prevent symptoms. The less promising the data, the more Charlie Baker thirsts to tax people in pursuit of a digital system revealing personal medical info.

As a result, few people were shocked when Governor Two-Face on November 30 announced to the same tax-gobbling radio station that he had been working with other “blue state” governors and tech wizards to develop and make available precisely what he found disagreeable in April: a digital vaccine pass.

But – and perhaps this is why he should be called “Flip” rather than “Two-Face” – Baker flipped AGAIN in a day, after massive public backlash on Boston talk radio from hosts such as WRKO 680’s morning presence, Jeff Kuhner, and Boston’s top syndicated hosts, Grace Curley and Howie Carr.

As Rajesh Khanna reports for The Boston Herald:

I’ve never supported or agreed to any sort of statewide vaccine program,” Baker said Tuesday. “I don’t now and I don’t plan to going forward.

Instead of pushing the digital pass statewide, Flip Baker insists he is going to leave it up to local officials.

Which means he’s going to allow local officials to continue to breach the Contract Clause of the US Constitution and most of the Bill of Rights.

For example, newly coronated Boston Mayor Michelle Wu (D) has intimated that she would, indeed, force digital jab records to be shown at restaurant doors and concert hall entrances, even though she doesn’t own those places, and should have utterly no say in how those private places are run.

So, for a person like me, who has tickets to see Genesis in Boston this month -- who has an existing contract with the venue and band -- she might use the force of government to change the contract.

That is strictly prohibited by the US Constitution.

But she seems as disinclined to acknowledge that fact as Charlie Baker is disinclined to hold a political position if he thinks it might not promote his personal best interest.

Can we get digital passports for disingenuous politicians?

I’d like to keep them all out.


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