Riley Gaines Blasts ESPN For Celebrating Lia Thomas During Women's History Month Broadcast

John Simmons | March 27, 2023
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It’s March, so that means it’s Women’s History Month. ESPN decided to make a tribute video to celebrate all that women have done in sports by highlighting … a dude.

ESPN -- which keeps inventing ways to be stupid -- broadcast a minute-long segment whose premise was that Lia Thomas competing in NCAA women’s swimming was a landmark moment in the advancement and recognition of women's sports. Of course, it ignored the whole part about Thomas being a male, but who cares when you’re trying to be relevant?

Once Riley Gaines got wind of this, she immediately let ESPN hear it for broadcasting a story that contradicts the essence of their intended message. Gaines, a former All-American swimmer at the University Kentucky who lost to Thomas in the NCAA championships, correctly called Thomas a “cheat” and ESPN “spineless” for its actions.

Well said, Riley.

We all know that neither Thomas nor his actions are worth celebrating, because men should never be allowed to compete against women. It is not a “landmark achievement” if a man beats a woman in a women’s sports setting, it is a sign of a mental disorder on Thomas’ part and an example of our cultural rot. 

Gaines has been strongly advocating for women’s rights in sports since her unjust defeat, rightfully calling for men to never be allowed to compete against women in any sports setting again.