Ridiculous: Campus Police Chief Put on Admin. Leave For Liking Conservative Tweets

Nick Kangadis | April 11, 2019
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When you get all in an uproar because someone you don’t know liked a tweet, you might want to seek some professional help, because life is way harder than determining how you feel about a stranger’s proclivity for liking tweets of people you don’t like, who you also don’t know.

A bunch of soft, weak students could cost a man his job after they got all triggered because the newly-appointed Chief of Police at Mount Holyoke College (MHC) and Smith College, both “all women’s institutions,” liked conservative tweets.

That wasn’t a typo. They’re not angry because of something Daniel Hect said or tweeted himself. They’re pissed because he liked something someone else said. Hect has been placed on administrative leave.

Talk about the “Thought Police.” MHC and Smith seem not to believe in free speech, kowtowing to an outrage society.

The problem with all of it is that Hect apologized for certain tweets that he liked during a forum in March, including tweets that “mentioned building a wall,” according to the Daily Wire.

“It was clear to me during the event that I have work to do in order to better lead a campus police department charged with supporting and protecting this wonderfully diverse, intelligent and committed community of students, faculty and staff,” Hect wrote in an email to the MHC community after the event.

Diverse? I thought both of those schools were “all women?” I guess diversity means something different on those campuses.

The Daily Wire’s Kassy Dillon also reported:

Hect also listed “immediate steps” he would take in the coming days to achieve his goal of making the campus police be “a positive influence on campus safety.” The steps included creating a Campus Safety Advisory Committee and attending an “immersive training program” to learn about “challenging biases and exploring beliefs.” His steps also included events such as meeting with a class for a “restorative justice circle,” and two “listening sessions” where community members could express their concerns about safety on campus.

He concluded that he was “committed to developing relationships and trust with all members of our communities — students, faculty, staff and campus police.”

But before any of these events even had the chance to take place, MHC Pesident Sonya Stephens announced that Hect would be placed on “administrative leave” Wednesday night.

So Hect made all of those mea culpas to no avail. He’s been an upstanding officer for over 30 years, but it doesn’t matter to the generation of instant gratification. Hect was guilty before he even had a chance to have a conversation with anyone. That’s the way the far-left, especially feminists, want it. They want to be judge, jury and executioner before a crime is even committed, and you better not contradict anything they say. They don’t even care if someone makes an apology anymore. They want their pound of flesh. And the things they consider “crimes,” most cops in this country would laugh at if you brought it to them.

Grow up, sugar puffs. There’s plenty of things you aren’t going to like in this life. Get used to it.