Restaurants In Wash. State Must Keep a Log Of All Customers To 'Facilitate Any Contact Tracing' In Order To Reopen


Restaurants that want to reopen for businesses – and have been permitted to by the benevolent government, of course – will be required to keep a detailed log with their customers’ names, phone numbers and email addresses to help assist with “contact tracing” in case of another outbreak.

No, this is not The Onion. This is America. 

The arduous list of 13 requirements for “Phase 2” of the reopening plan, as posted by the Washington State government, require restaurants to “create a daily log of customers and maintain that daily log for 30 days, including telephone/email contact information, and time in” to “facilitate any contact tracing that might need to occur.”

So far, the state has cleared eight counties for entering “Phase 2.”

The government adds that all dine-in restaurants "must ensure strict adherence to all measures established by the Governor’s guidance.” This also includes making hand sanitizer available to everyone in the building, restricting tables to five people or fewer, and maintaining a set “social distancing” of at least six feet between tables. Bars and buffets are prohibited and only single-use menus can be used.

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