A #Resisting Writer Can't Bring Herself to Buy Ivanka Trump Pants

Maureen Collins | August 14, 2017
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Reporters are just like you. They put their pants on one leg at a time. 

But when those pants are from Ivanka Trump's fashion line, they get conflicted and feel the need to write a 500-plus-word think piece on the ordeal. 

This weekend, the website Refinery29 published this article entitled, "I Tried on Ivanka Trump Pants & Got Really Confused in a Marshalls Dressing Room."

This is a 100 percent real story about the author's experience trying on Ivanka Trump pants, noticing that they look really good on her, and then feeling guilty about it because she's not #resisting. 



Lauren Holter, the author and problematic-pants-wearer, writes, "I was pretty shocked when I pulled on the Ivanka Trump pants to find they actually fit well. Like, really well. My first thought was, Wait, this can't be right." 

The pants were more than right -- they were perfect. But Holter could not bring herself to commit the heinous act of purchasing them: 

I'm not naive enough to think my personal boycott of Ivanka Trump clothes would make an impact on the success of her business (in fact, that's the reason why many people have trouble boycotting in the first place). But I still don't want to rep a brand started by (and sharing a name with) someone I believe is enabling a president who has threatened the rights of women, the LGBTQ community, immigrants, and other marginalized groups.

It's true. The boycott of Ivanka Trump's fashion line after her father's election to the presidency has been a massive failure. As Holter notes, the G-II Apparel Group, which makes Ivanka's clothes, has seen a $17.9 million increase in sales.

"Is it because the clothes fit so well? Or was the boycott unsuccessful?" Holter muses. 

Maybe normal people who shop at Marshalls buy pants because they need pants and are not preoccupied with political statements. They don't have the time. 

After much personal reflection, Holter decided not to purchase the pants because they were not "worth the awkward situations and subsequent therapy bills." Therapy bills? Pants designed by someone across the political spectrum should not cause you to need therapy. 

I hope she was kidding. But if troublesome trousers are at the top of the Left's political grievance list, then Trump is going to absolutely pants the competition in 2020. 

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