Reporter Asks For Public's Help To Dig Up Dirt On MyPillow After Pro-Trump CEO Says the Company Will Make Face Masks

Brittany M. Hughes | April 2, 2020
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A reporter supposedly “investigating” MyPillow founder Mike Lindell and his company got blasted on Twitter for his appeal to the public for help in digging up dirt on the pro-Trump businessman.

It all started when President Donald Trump brought Lindell to the podium in the Rose Garden earlier this week, praising the self-made MyPillow founder – long known to be a personal supporter of the president  - for temporarily redirecting his company, which normally manufactures pillows and sheets, to make desperately needed face masks for medical personnel during the coronavirus pandemic.

But in the Age of Trump, no good deed goes unpunished, as liberal media talking heads swarmed social media demanding to know why Lindell was invited to speak at the press briefing (apparently having missed the part where his multi-million-dollar company is trying to help meet an urgent health care need) and mocking him for invoking the name of God.

“Question: How did Lindell land the White House briefing invite?” Courthouse News Adam Klasfeld demanded on Twitter, after posting a lengthy thread detailing just about every allegation and lawsuit filed against MyPillow in recent years. “FEC records show Lindell donated more than $200,000 to Trump’s campaign and Trump Victory PAC.”

Klasfeld then asked for the public’s help in “investigating” Lindell and his company’s facemasks.

“Help me investigate: Are you a consumer who sued MyPillow for false advertising?  Do you know any info about the terms of its mask-making deals, with what parties? Are you a hospital happy about or concerned with the product?” he posted, instructing anyone with info to directly message him with their story.

After getting blasted for his point-blank targeting of a company trying to make PPE for hospitals simply because their owner is pro-Trump, Klasfeld tried to “clarify” his request by claiming he’s happy to take positive stories, too.

"To be clear: If you want to reach out with info about why the deals are good, generous and on the up-and-up, please share that story with me too. Wherever it leads, transparency leads to the public's great safety and protection during a national crisis,” Klasfeld added.

While the media blast Lindell and his company, hospitals across the country, particularly those in urban hotspots like New York City, Seattle and Los Angeles, have put out desperate pleas for more personal protective equipment including face masks, going as far as telling hospital staff to wear the same mask for up to two days and teaching them to wash and reuse gear in the absence of enough new equipment.