A Reporter Asked Gen. Mattis About the NFL, and His Response Was Priceless

ashley.rae | September 26, 2017
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President Trump’s feud with the NFL has dominated the news cycle for days now. Athletes, political commentators, and even actors and musicians have been coming out of the woodwork to express their views on Trump and the national anthem.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis, however, was not having it when a reporter had the audacity to ask him his thoughts on the NFL during a press briefing.

While most of Mattis’ press time focused on the topic of foreign policy — since Mattis is the secretary of Defense and is about to travel to India — one question in particular was about the current hot topic: the NFL.

According to the U.S. Department of Defense’s transcript, the very last question of the press briefing was a reporter asking Mattis about the NFL:

SEC. MATTIS:  Yes, I think that's about it now.  I really want to stay on India for right now, folks.

Q:  Do you have anything to say about the NFL being someone who has served in the military?

SEC. MATTIS:  I'm the secretary of Defense.  We defend the country.

STAFF:  Thank you.


Mattis’ answer has since gone viral on social media:

The top reply says it all:

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