Report: Taliban Spox Announces Partnership with China in Interview

Nick Kangadis | September 3, 2021
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Stories like this are why a growing number of people don’t trust the actions of President Joe Biden’s regime.

According to a Thursday report by The Asia Today, the Taliban have announced a partnership with the communist Chinese government. 

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid was interviewed by Italian newspaper La Repubblica and told the outlet of their cooperation with China, of which he said the Taliban values “China’s Belt and Road Initiative as the project will revive the ancient Silk Road.

“China will be our main partner and represents a great opportunity for us because it is ready to invest in our country and support reconstruction efforts,” Mujahid said.

One has to wonder whether part of this cooperation will involve China being able to access portions of Afghanistan’s rich mineral resources. Not only that, but will China — who isn’t to be trusted on any level — try and take advantage of the billions of dollars worth of U.S. military technology that the Biden regime left behind in their withdrawal from Afghanistan?

Asia Today also reported:

[Mujahid] said China will also help Afghanistan fully utilize its rich copper resources and give the country a path into global markets.

The Taliban also view Russia as an important partner in the region and will maintain good relations with Moscow, he added.

Speaking about the Kabul airport, Mujahid said the facility is fully under Taliban control but has been seriously damaged.

Qatar and Turkey are leading efforts to resume operations at the airport, he told the Italian publication.

What can we deduce from all this? China, who has become more bold in its words towards the U.S., Russia, who’s always somewhat ambiguous in its volatility towards the U.S., and Qatar, who housed the Taliban members former President Barack Obama exchanged for traitor Bowe Bergdahl — and are now leaders in the current day Taliban — have all benefitted from the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan that was hasted by the Biden regime’s bungled withdrawal from the country.

Whatever the case might be, none of this is good news for the U.S.

H/T: The Post Millennial

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