Report: Nearly A THIRD Of ALL CA Restaurants Forced Out of Business By Newsom Lockdowns

P. Gardner Goldsmith | May 26, 2021
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As likely comes as no surprise, a new report recognized the sheer scale of devastation wrought by CA Gavin Newsom’s outrageous COVID-19 lockdown edicts over the past year.

And, as can be seen in Don Thompson’s Associated Press story, carried by 7ABC, at least one high-profile Democrat functionary is doing something else that comes as no surprise, deflecting from the government threats, fines, arrests, and edicts, and pointing the magician’s distracting finger at a virus the lethality of which was comparable to the seasonal flu.

Writes Thompson:

Few business sectors were more battered than the dining industry, which before the pandemic included more than 76,000 eating and drinking establishments employing 1.8 million people, according to the California Restaurant Association.

But, thank goodness, there’s a government “committee” to look into the problem, distract people from what business owners all over the state KNOW is the problem (because they got shut down and pushed around by government bureaucrats and oath-breaking cops), and possibly offer even MORE government to “help.”

That would be the committee called the state “Special Committee on Pandemic Emergency Response.”

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Did it ever cross any of these blowhards’ minds that, in the Western tradition, the role of the government does not stretch to “protecting” anyone from a viral outbreak, and that the state breaks its “constitutional bounds” by imposing lockdowns?

’COVID-19 has upended all of our lives, but its impacts have been felt more acutely in the restaurant industry’, said Democratic state Sen. Josh Newman, who heads the committee and led the hearing on the issue. ‘It is clear that recovery will take time.’

It’s also clear that recovery will take longer because of parasitic politicians like Newman, who get the state to syphon away productive capital from private earners and funnel it into politically-designated pockets.

But will most Californians recognize the truth? When they read news stories with phrasing like this, will the recognize the top-down elitism, the sheer fascism of the lockdown mentality?

The state initially closed nonessential businesses, though it allowed food-serving establishments to continue offering takeout meals. Its color-coded tier system for reopening the economy later allowed restaurants to offer outdoor seating or indoor dining at various levels of capacity as coronavirus cases eased.

Will more Californians – and more Americans, more people worldwide – acknowledge the immorality of some people telling other people that their endeavors in the market are “non-essential?”

Will human beings stand up for their rights to engage in voluntary association and peaceful interaction, and will they see the state as the source of aggression?

All of that, in part, depends on how much we work to spread the truth about this situation and about fundamental human rights.

Just like it remains to be seen whether the California economy will recover in the short or long terms, it remains to be seen whether enough of our neighbors can get this information and will be willing to learn from it.

But we can try to get it to them.