REPORT: Nearly 400 Migrants Died While Crossing the U.S. Border Illegally in 2018 Alone

Brittany M. Hughes | January 2, 2019
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Nearly 400 people died while crossing the U.S.-Mexico border illegally in 2018 alone, including four children, according toInternational Organization for Migration’s Missing Migrant Project.

As first reported by Breitbart, the organization reported at least 376 illegal aliens perished in their quest to come to the United States unlawfully, not including any who may've died after the most updated data was published on Dec. 21. The estimated total included four children, 20 women and 214 men and another 138 whose gender and age isn’t known.

That number is only slightly shy of the 415 migrants that the IOM reports died on the same route in 2017.

Even more sadly, these migrants are likely only a portion of the real total, as many migrants remain unaccounted for after leaving their home countries. Additionally, the bodies of many who die along the route are never found.

As I reported for MRCTV back in 2016, when former President Obama was still in office, one Arizona morgue reported they had about 850 bodies of unidentified migrants – including men, women, children and infants – sitting in their facility’s freezer, with no way to know who they were or where to send their remains.

Unlike the two children who died after becoming ill while in CBP custody in recent weeks, the four children identified by the IOM as having died while crossing the U.S. border illegally haven’t made the news cycles – likely because their deaths are far more difficult to blame on the Trump administration or border agents.