Report: Nearly 100K Illegal Immigrants Graduate From U.S. High Schools Yearly


What was that about a wall? There’s no crisis! Just because close to 100,000 illegal immigrants graduate from U.S. high schools yearly doesn’t mean we have a border problem. Not at all. Of course, that’s sarcasm. But it you asked a leftist, they’d have no problem with it. They clearly don’t mind paying for it without realizing that they’re actually paying for it.

The Migration Policy Institute (MPI) came out with an April report that “estimates approximately 98,000 unauthorized immigrants graduate from U.S. high schools every year.

Of course, the two largest states in the lower 48, California and Texas, graduate more illegal immigrants than any other states. A whopping 44 percent of illegal immigrant high school graduates come from just those two states (27 percent in California and 17 percent from Texas). The next closest state in the study with the highest number of illegal immigrant high school graduates is Florida, coming in at 6 percent.

The study used the term “unauthorized immigrants” instead of using the the more accurate and un-PC term, “illegal immigrants.” Their rationale for this is that the majority of illegal immigrant children who graduate high school were part of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

The MPI report seems to have been conducted in an effort to gain sympathy for DACA recipients who could face deportation in the future.

According to the conclusion of the report:

DACA, kept alive by court orders for those who have ever been approved under the program, provides protection from deportation and work authorization to nearly 680,000 current beneficiaries. However, the Trump administration will not accept requests from otherwise eligible  unauthorized youth who have never held DACA status. That makes many of the 98,000 unauthorized-immigrant students graduating from U.S. high schools ineligible going forward.

While high school graduation represents an important milestone in the lives of many young people, these graduates will be at risk of deportation and will face severely limited opportunities to pursue further work and education.

Sure, some children had no choice in coming to the U.S. But, we have enough Americans who are even less fortunate than people entering the country illegally. Maybe we should focus on them for a while?

H/T: Daily Caller

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