Report: Jill Stein To Net $2 Million From Failed Recounts

Brittany M. Hughes | January 4, 2017
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Former Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein stands to net about $2 million in refunds following her failed attempts at voter recounts in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Well, not her, personally. But her “movement,” or something vaguely described as one, stands to rake in some serious cash courtesy of private donors who banked on a squeaked-out Clinton victory thanks to Stein’s efforts.

Joe Schoffstall over at the Free Beacon crunched some numbers and reached out to a few state officials involved in Stein’s recount push, only to find the former presidential candidate is due about $2 million in refunds from her recount in Wisconsin, which ultimately handed another 131 votes to Donald Trump.


Stein reportedly forked out $3.5 million in donated cash for the recount in the Badger State, although actual costs ended up coming in at around $2 million. The Free Beacon reports Stein would be reimbursed the $1.5 million difference.

The largely irrelevant candidate-turned-political activist will also receive just under $600,000 in refunds from the recount efforts in Michigan, which were halted by a judge before they could be completed. (That effort was a bust, too -- although officials did find a whole bunch of shady voting shenanigans coming out of Clinton-supporting Detroit.)

Stein has reportedly claimed that the reimbursed cash will go toward “election integrity” efforts. The Free Beacon stated in its report:

Stein, whose team did not return numerous requests for comment, announced that the remaining funds go towards her continued “fight for election integrity.”

At a rally in Madison, Wis., on Tuesday, Stein knocked the state’s recount and said that the remaining money will go toward launching a group called Count My Vote.

Following a sad fourth-place finish in the November election, Stein launched her desperate publicity stunt recount effort to the estimated tune of $2 million, pulling in cash from private donors while accusing Trump of stealing the election from Clinton. Stein soon ramped up her financial goal to $7 million before alleging the effort could cost as much as $10 million for a full recount in all three states, ultimately taking in about $7.3 million.