REPORT: Germany's Ready to PAY Migrants to Leave

P. Gardner Goldsmith | January 9, 2019
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Remember when Hillary Clinton laughed about the unconstitutional U.S.-led overthrow of Libya, and when CBS’s obsequious Lesley Stahl asked about the murder of former leader Moammar Gaddafi, Clinton said, “We came. We saw. He died…

Remember when Barack Obama and his Democrat and RINO allies unconstitutionally tried to overthrow the leader of Syria?

Remember when millions of refugees fled north from those imploding nations, and the pop media deflected from the source of the problem and called their flight a “European migrant crisis,” when the migrants weren’t “Europeans” at all?

I do.

And recall how hard many people tried to help those needing humanitarian assistance, how the immigration in-flows sparked controversy in nations such as England, France, Poland, and Germany?

Remember how, regardless of where one stands on the inherent right of people to freely associate (I happen to be in favor of complete voluntary association sans political interference), just a month ago, Angela Merkel’s overbearing German government wanted the EU to force member nation-states to pay for not taking in migrants?

Guess what?

Now the German government is going to take peoples’ tax money to pay migrants to leave.

Feel free to shake your head any time, as you contemplate how politicians can create problems, then exacerbate them by shoving more tax money at it, and forcing people to pay for politicians’ mistakes.

As Lizan Nizrake writes for National Post, Horst Seehofer, one of Merkel’s staunch rightist opponents, is ready to spend tax cash to pay migrants up to 3,000 Euros for their rent if they return to their home nations.

So Seehofer took to the streets with his billboard campaign – aiming to push for voluntary departures. What’s he offering? A gift capped at 1,000 euros for a single person, 3,000 for families – to provide for basic facilities.

Few would dispute that the refugee issue has created wide divisions in Germany. As Migration Policy notes:

In 2015, close to half a million people requested asylum in Germany, a historical record and a tenfold increase over 2010. Of the 1.3 million asylum claims submitted throughout the European Union in 2015, Germany received the lion’s share, with 36 percent (followed by Hungary and Sweden, with 13 percent and 12 percent, respectively).

So now the battle lines are drawn, and anger flares, while taxes are spent on welcoming migrants and on trying to entice them to go home, while some politicians push laws in the EU to punish other nations if their governments don’t admit refugees, and others push laws to close borders – all over the Europe.

And the source of the problem, militarism sans constitutionally declared Wars by the United States under Obama (now, perhaps, decreasing under Trump), goes forgotten, neglected, or intentionally covered-up by the sycophantic leftist pop media.

Regardless of how one feels about immigration, it would be nice to speak honestly about the source of the current problem.

Sorry to write this, but don’t count on that ever happening on the dinosaur news networks.


(Cover Photo: Mstyslav Chernov)