Report: ESPN to Lay Off 'More Than 100 Staffers' After Thanksgiving Holiday

Nick Kangadis | November 10, 2017

If the old adage “you reap what you sow” has any validity — which it does — then sometimes-sports network ESPN is going to be reaping in large quantities after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Sports Illustrated is reporting that after the Thanksgiving holiday Extremely Stupid Political Narratives (ESPN) “will lay off more than 100 staffers.” Sports Illustrated reported this based on “multiple sources.”

According to Sports Illustrated:

The layoffs, which were described by a person briefed on the plans, will hit positions across ESPN including front-facing talent on the television side, producers, executives, and digital and technology staffers. The SportsCenter franchise is expected to be hit hard—including on-air people—given the frequency of the show has lessened considerably on main network ESPN.

ESPN, which is supposed to just show sporting events and give sports analysis, has become increasingly political over the last few years prompting people to either cancel their subscriptions to the network or just not watching in general.

The news of the possible ESPN post-Thanksgiving layoffs comes a little less than two weeks after it was reported that the network lost 15,000 subscribers a day in the month of October. Of course, part of the subscriber loss can be attributed to people cutting the cable cord and choosing to watch their programs through streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. But, ESPN’s drastic loss in its subscriber base can very much be attributed to their constantly Left narrative through its personalities who might just be out of a job by the end of November.

If ESPN had just stuck to what they covered very well for decades — sports — they might not be in the mess they currently see themselves in.

(COVER PHOTO: ESPN CareersESPN headquarters in Los Angeles.)