REPORT: Comey Used a Private Email While Investigating Clinton For...Using a Private Email

Brittany M. Hughes | June 14, 2018
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It turns out former FBI Director James Comey was (supposedly) investigating Hillary Clinton for using a private email to conduct official government business...while using a private email to conduct official government business.

Yep. It turns out that the same guy who said Clinton didn’t commit a crime when she used a private email account and server to carry out official State Department business was doing the exact same thing. According to a new bombshell report published Thursday by the Office of the Inspector General, Comey and other FBI officials used personal email accounts to conduct official investigation business on several occasions.

From the Washington Post:

The inspector found five instances in which Comey either drafted official messages on or forwarded emails to his personal account, and at least two instances in which Strzok used his personal email for official business — including one “most troubling” instance on October 29, 2016, when he forwarded “an email about the proposed search warrant the midyear team was seeking on the Weiner laptop” from his FBI account to his personal email.

The discovery is ironic, given that the FBI was exploring Clinton’s own use of a personal email for work related business and whether classified information traversed her server.

So it’s no wonder that the FBI declined to say Clinton acted with criminal intent in her use of a private email, considering the agency’s top official was literally doing the same thing.

Amazing, the OIG still found the FBI acted with no political bias in the Clinton email investigation, despite a top FBI official involved with the investigation telling his lover in a text that “We’ll stop” Trump from getting elected president. (That FBI official later went on to work on the early stages of Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, but hey. Nothing to see here.)

If you still have full faith and confidence in this government to act with anything resembling integrity, I’ve got some oceanfront property in Missouri to sell you.

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