Rep. Waters On Kanye: Stay In ‘Our Lane’ Or Face ‘Problems’

Eric Scheiner | October 18, 2018
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Auntie Maxine is giving out advice again and this time it’s not about harassing members of the Trump administration, it’s about Kanye West, understanding what “our lane” is, and the “problems” that can occur if we “venture out of that lane.”

At the Merge Summit in Los Angeles last week, FAB TV asked rep. Maxine Waters (D- Calif.) for her thoughts on young people thinking for themselves and Kanye West visiting President Trump.

“I feel there's a somewhat of a movement in young people that's happening now with a lot of young people who are thinking for themselves. I mean, what are your thoughts about people who are coming out?” the reporter asks. “Even today you had somebody like Kanye West in the Oval Office. Do you have any thoughts about somebody like him being in a position to speak to the President of the United States?”

Oh, she has some thoughts. This is a doozy.

“Well, you know I think that we have to understand as best we can, what roles we play,” Waters replied. “And we have to understand what’s our lane. And you know, are we really best when we kind of stay in that lane? Or when we venture out of that lane and we don't understand what we are going into - whether or not that's going to cause us problems. And so I know about Kanye and the fact that he met with the president today. Kanye told us he's got problems and I believe it.”

So, essentially, this ramble can be best summed up – ‘Kanye, stay in your lane.’

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