Rep. King Blasts Congressmen Who are 'Democrats First and Jewish Second'

Jeffdunetz | March 22, 2015

A radio interview by Rep. Steve King (R-IA) incited a TV/Twitter war with Democrat Steve Israel (D-NY) regarding whether or not Democrats of the Jewish faith actually support the Jewish State though their actions.

The battle started on Friday afternoon, when Rep. King spoke on Boston Herald Radio

"Here is what I don't understand, I don't understand how Jews in America can be Democrats first and Jewish second and support Israel along the line of just following their President."

Saying he took he took it personally, Rep. Israel fought back on Sunday morning's State of The Union on CNN (see video below):

"I really do not need a lesson from people like Steve King on what it is to be Jewish or a Democrat."

On Twitter, Rep. Israel demanded an apology, thus starting a mini-twitter "war"






Note: Mashugana is a Yiddish word meaning crazy person.

The Twitter feeds of each Congressman became filled with pro and con comments regarding their respective statements.

With an estimate of about 6,000,000 Jews in the United States with the majority registered as Democrat, it would way past next Rosh HaShanah (or the one after that) to interview the population and determine the veracity of Rep King's statement or Rep. Israel's rebuttal. 

Since Steve Israel represents New York's 3rd Congressional district, which at 22% is the third most Jewish district in America, and because it was the NY Democrat who objected to Rep. King's statement, it would be pertinent to look at Steve Israel's record of politics vs. support for Israel.

After his inauguration, President Obama tried to legitimize the group J-Street as an important voice of the Jewish community. Even Alan Dershowitz a strong supporter of Obama, called J-Street "“neither pro-Israel nor pro-peace." Funded by George Soros, since its inception, J-Street tried to fight against Iranian sanctions and even tried to get the Congress to accept the Goldstone Report, which accused Israel of war crimes and was discredited by its author.

Despite its anti-Israel activity, Rep. Israel lent his name (with other Democrats) to J-Street's first ever Gala Dinner. And yet, Honorary Host Committee Rep. Israel still publicly claims to be a big supporter of Israel.

As President Obama and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton began to implement what some considered an anti-Israel foreign policy during the first Obama Administration, Steve Israel, who never before had been reluctant to speak out in support of Israel, was strangely silent. Even as Republicans began to stand up to support the Jewish State, Congressman Israel said nothing. Even in May 2010, when President Obama demanded that negotiations begin rather than end with Israel ceding the disputed territories of Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem, there was plenty of criticism from both sides of the political aisle - but, not from then-DCCC Chair Steve Israel.

During the 2012 election, Rep. Israel joined House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Reps Andre Carson and Keith Ellison in a Democratic Party fundraiser for CAIR, which during the Holyland terrorist funding trial was name an unindicted co-conspirator because of its connections to the anti-Israel terrorist group Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Most recently, during the debate about Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech to Congress, Rep. Israel reportedly sent a letter to  John Boehner that said, in part:

"The letter, written by Jewish Congressmen Steve Israel (D-New York), Ted Deutch (D-Florida) and Nita Lowey (D-New York), harshly criticizes Boehner’s moves as “partisan disregard of long-standing protocol."

During that same period, Rep. Israel was silent about Pres. Obama's apparent interference with the Israeli election by allowing former Obama strategist Jeremy Bird to work with the groups One Voice and V15 in Israel to replace the Netanyahu government in March.

Late last week, we contacted the communications directors of Senator Chuck Schumer's office and that of key members of the Long Island Congressional delegation about Pres, Obama's response to the re-election of Benjamin Netanyahu and his threat to abandon Israel at the United Nations.

Senator Schumer, a strong supporter of Pres. Obama, responded 

“The UN has never been a great friend of Israel’s, and the United States has always been the strong, and often lonely voice for Israel at the UN. I expect that to continue, and will do everything I can to ensure that the US stands up strongly for Israel at the UN.”  - Senator Schumer

Freshman Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-NY) responded:​

The Palestine Authority must be willing to root out terrorist groups like Hamas from its ranks or a two state solution will never be viable. There are way too many neighbors of Israel overly aggressive in offensive actions against Israelis. Many seek to wipe Israel off the map. That is not an option and the White House should be more sensitive to that reality on the ground.

Representative Israel's office was contacted but, as of this date, has not responded.