Rep. Johnson: Trump Secret Service ‘To Serve Time With Him’ – ‘He Must Be Punished’

Eric Scheiner | November 28, 2022
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Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) possesses an, uh, “unique” mind that creates some unusual thoughts that frequently end up falling out of his mouth. From expressing his concerns about the island of Guam capsizing to his demand that the Constitution be amended so the government can restrict free speech, Hank’s mind works in curious ways.

Johnson’s mind seems dead set that Trump should be in prison, so he can learn that “that you don't play around with our democracy.”

Johnson told a recent leftist SiriusXM program that  “I'd hate to be his Secret Service agent and have to serve time with him, you know. So, him serving time presents some – some, uh, some - some challenges that the United States of America has never had to deal with before.

“He needs to be punished,” Johnson continued. “He needs to be tried. And if convicted, and I expect that he will be  - needs to be punished and so that the message can be sent that you don't play around with our democracy.”

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No surprise that Hank’s mind has already reached a verdict in a trial for a person that hasn't been arrested for anything.

Update: Guam hasn’t capsized as of yet.

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